Brian Trieu (writer & creator for “Aquadine)- “Allan Brown, a composer from Cylight Studios, created the BGM for my visual novel “Aquadine.” The style required for my game was quite different from what he usually composes, yet I am satisfied with the result. I’ve already recommended him to one of my friends who is also developing a game. As always, I’m looking forward to hearing his next song.”

Jeen “Key” Eppinga a.k.a keyboarder200 (Direction & Animator for Ender The Doctor)- “I’ve known Allan for quite a few years now, and including him into my video projects is a joy every time. Whenever I need one of my creations improved—and he’ll improve them for sure—I can always rely on Allan to give it his all. I’m a big fan of his brass and synth work, and his orchestrations will blow you away.”

Rebuen Lack (Indie Game Producer/Project Manager)- “Allan is a talented composer and a fantastic person to collaborate with. His work is efficient, high-quality, and every client who I’ve worked with loved his music. If you want a friendly and professional composer, you’d make an excellent choice in hiring Allan.”

Angus McCallum a.k.a King Sangos- “Throughout the five years that I have known him, Allan’s work has always been improving dramatically. When I first approached him regarding a potential project idea, he happily agreed to help work on it. It was only then when I heard the first song he created that I knew he would grow into one of the many great composers out there. Since that day, he has continued to grow and grow, eventually reaching a point where I believe that his work would make even some video game composers weep in envy. Allan is definitely a force to be reckoned with!”

Matthew Lake (Producer for “Adapt”)- : I’ve had the fortune to work with Allan for a numerous amount of years, in which time he has produced a diverse range of superb compositions on a wide range of genres. Every time he has come back with incredible work that has blown me away, hence why Allan is my first port of call when I’m looking for a composer.”

Mitchell Haerle a.k.a SonOfAMitch- “Allan is the most professional freelance artist i’ve ever worked with, and at this point I’ve worked with hundreds. We worked fast and didn’t falter when problems arose. His rates are affordable and he’s reliable to boot. He’s my favorite composer on the citadel.

Joe Miele, Rock Composer- “I’ve worked with Allan on a number of projects and it has been nothing but a pleasure. He is one of the only freelance artists I’ve worked with who is able to listen to my examples and bring my vision to life while still including professional and friendly advice to help shape my music. ”