Hog Derby Duels/Disasters – Machinima, Inc (2009-2012) Stem Digital (2016-2017) Indepedent (2017-2021) Composition, Arrangement, MIDI Programming & Orchestrations

The True Hero– Mind Fusion Industries Composition, Arrangement & MIDI Programming

The Blocking Dead – AntiProTheory (2014-2016) Composition, Arrangement & MIDI Programming

Sonic: Sonic & Shadow Funny Animation Series (Episodes 1 & 2)- SmashBits Animation (2015-present) Composition, Arrangement & MIDI Programming

One-Shot Vids

PokeCraft/ParodyCraft (2011)- KaggyVids

DragonCraftZ (2011)- KaggyVids

Minecraft: Quest For The Netherack (2012)- Daemon Studios

Minecraft: Machinima Tutorial (Daemon Studios, 2012)

Minecraft Time (2014)- (Keyboarder200)

Ender The Doctor-(2014)- Keyboarder200- Featured in BBC America’s Doctor Who magazine (August 2014)

Dragonball Z Webseries Pilot (2015)- SmashBits


Original score on sale here- https://dariusofwest.bandcamp.com/album/aquadine-original-music-score
Astoria Odyssey/Legends (Releases Summer 2022)
Astoria Odyssey: Star Child (Release TBA)
Queen Opala: Origin (Partial score)

Foxdart- Quarter Mile Music (2015)- Keyboards on tracks 1,2 and 3
Bluejay- Morgan Hendricks (2015)- Keyboards, Composition & Arrangement